Friday, August 2, 2013


How have I been driving my family and friends crazy this summer?  Taking picures!  Almost everywhere I go, I see something and think, "Oh, we could use this in the library."  I am constantly taking pictures and asking questions.

At Barboursville Vineyard, I was struck by the ruins.  The discovery aspect of them is facinating.  I could picture kids wanting to climb and explore.  Isn't that what the library is all about - a place to discover and explore?  How can we bring some of the magic of the ruins into the library?

At C'ville Coffee, I was struck by the sense of community.  This coffee shop is a meeting place.  A place where business people can work.  Moms can connect while their kids play.  Teachers can collaborate and be thrilled to eat something other than cafeteria food :)  How do we bring this sense of community into the library?  How do we let kids know that it is ok to meet with friends, socialize and work together (see pervious post about rules)?

So, that was my summer.  When I saw something cool, interesting, different, I snapped a picture.  Here are some images that have guided my thoughts as we are striving to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, a coffeehouse eclectic place that is appealing to HS students, an exciting space for discovery, immagination and creation. . .
Inspiration on PhotoPeach Inspiration on PhotoPeach

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