Friday, July 12, 2013

And so it began

On a Friday afternoon in April, I interviewed for the position of librarian at Albemarle High School.  In the interview I was asked to describe my ideal library.  The specific furniture, technology or books are not what comes to mind when I envision my ideal library.  I think of the hum you'd hear when you enter, the work you'd see happening, students working together, students working with teachers, some students chatting, others reading and still others studying quietly.  A space where the entire school community feels not only welcome but wanted.

I was given the opportunity to tour the library on my own after the interview.  I walked into a beautiful space.  Windows that look out onto a courtyard where students congregate provide beautiful natural light.  Exposed brick.  Eclectic furniture that reminded me of Central Perk from Friends.

I must have done ok in the interview because I was offered the position!  

There is so much potential.  We have so many ideas.  I have been working here and there over the summer to begin the process of creating that ideal library.  It's a team effort, there are so many people throughout the school and division who re-imagine the library with me and we are working together to make it happen.

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