Friday, July 12, 2013

The Magic of the Library

There is this large and beautiful space that I am beginning to make my home.  As I think about shaking things up and moving things around, some might wonder what my inspiration is. 

This is an image taken from my former library at Meriwether Lewis Elementary School.  Two students are sharing a comfy chair with their feet up doing some work on a laptop (much the way I am working right now).  When Joan Ackroyd moved from an elementary school to Monticello High School, she spoke about the magic of the library in an elementary school and that she wanted to bring some of that magic to high school students.  That statement resonated with me and I will strive to do the same for my students.  I am sure it will look different but the idea is there.

There are some new comfy seating options waiting to be unpacked and added to the library.  Clunky (and very old) desktops are in the process of being replaced with laptops - an update that will allow us to relocate several tables to the CTE wing and provide opportunities for students to explore flexible options.  Imagine what you could do with all this added space.  We're hoping the kids will look at it and imagine too!

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