Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Digital Writing

Using technology to enhance the curriculum or students' experience and connection with the curriculum has been a long standing interest for me.  The year I started Library School was also the year I started using email, the World Wide Web and Yahoo (anyone remember Lycos?  Ok, I googled it.  It's still around.  Who knew?).

Throughout my career, those have always been options.  But, now!  When I think about all of the tools and resources that are available now, I don't think they are an option.  They are the way to go.  I was looking for something else and stumbled upon this YouTube video.  It is a powerful project that shows massive amounts of knowledge, thought, reflection, creativity and maturity on the part of the student.  If I had to explain the Civil Rights Movement, this would be part of my explanation.  Without any words of her own, this student answers all the why, what, when, where and how questions.

Would the 5 paragraph essay have been as effective as this?


  1. It is a great project and it is powerful. But a key phrase you used sticks out to me. "Without any words of her own..." That is a concern for me. Students become people and people need to not just know information, they need to be able to articulate it and share their opinions on it with others. That comes through spoken and written word. Writing is great practice for developing better speaking habits. I think that these types of projects are wonderful, but we should not remove writing papers and sharing ideas in our own words.

    PS- I know that I do not have perfect grammar and/or spelling. But hopefully I was able to articulate my point coherently, through "written" word.

  2. I appreciate your comment! That is an excellent point. I hope we strive to develop ways in which students can find their voice and articulate their thoughts using authentic, real-world situations (not the 5 paragraph eassy!). I think for today's kids choice, variety and adaptability are key!